Friday, March 2, 2012

V 1.5.1+ (Or How I Learned To Hate iTunes Connect)

While many of  you visiting this blog have come for support, if we could take a moment to rail against the almighty lord Apple, it would greatly relieve some of the anxiety many of us feel.

You see: when an app crashes, the OS (underlying thing that makes everything from the screen to the springboard work), generates a little text file called a "crash report."  We developers can see these crash reports, which are usually a mound of gibberish to the normal onlooker, and can figure out how and why the application crashes so we can fix it.  

But this begs the question: why not just fix everything in every crash report?  Well, you see, the portal we go to to gather crash reports for our viewing pleasure, does not update itself often.  And even when it does, all of our crash reports are subject to the discretion of apple, which means they have the final say about which ones we can see.

I know!  Creepy, right?  

Such is our dilemma with V. 1.5.1.  Apple is either refusing to release our crash reports, or there simply are none.  If you don't believe us, check this out:

As such, we are calling on all of our users to plug their devices into iTunes and sync them as soon as possible, so we can gather our crash reports and fix the issues in V. 1.5.1.

In the meantime, we are working on V. 1.5.2 having no idea what is wrong with V. 1.5.1

Some hints to possibly fix crashes:

- Restart your device.  Sometimes a good old fashion reboot just clears everything right up!

- Update your iOS version.  We know some of you have had your reservations or simply haven't got around to it, but you really should be on iOS 5.  We designed SheetMuse around iOS 4.3+ APIs, so it's a good idea to be on the latest OS at all times. And the kicker is that every iPad in the world can update to iOS 5 TODAY!

- Email us.  We are NOT allowed to respond to reviews and comments, so your emails are all we have to go by.

EDIT: Never mind, it turns out that all we needed was a fresh install to figure out the problem.  A patch has been released.  We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you!


  1. how do I reinstall and save my scores?

  2. Reinstall? Scores should be retained unless you have deleted the app and reinstalled it, in which case they must be added back manually. Saving is done automatically.

  3. ok. the app won't. open. I think I need to reinstall, right? Do you have another fix for the app not opening?

  4. We have submitted an update to apple over 4 days ago, and have asked for an expedited review. A patch should be released in the coming days, but we have no control over when the app is released for sale. Our apologies as we ask for your patience during this time.